Projects & Praise

2_398---Version-2-triangleSatellite has worked on a breadth of interesting projects, ranging from crafting marketing plans, digital marketing strategies, website redevelopment, production management, sponsorship, event management and artist services across the tourism, music festival, education, health and film production industries.


Some of the incredible brands we are fortunate to work with, are:

A Show For Casey (Fundraising concert - Marketing)

The Gforce Awards - Apprentice Awards ( Sponsorship and Event Management)

Integrated Heart (Marketing, Book Launch)

Surfcoast Wholefoods (Marketing, Digital Strategy, PR)

Stomp Apparel (Marketing, Digital Strategy, Copywriting)

The Falls Music & Arts Festival (Marketing, Sponsorship, Artist Services)

Laneway Festival (Artist Services)

Bombora Custom Design (Marketing)

Kate (Marketing, program launch)

Michael Limb Builders (Marketing, digital, website redevelopment – in progress!)

Ferne Millen Photography (Marketing, PR, content strategy)

Otway Harvest Trail (Digital Marketing)

The Gordon (Digital Marketing)

Nalu Productions  (Marketing & Production)

Some lovely words…

“Working with Gen has been incredible for my business and book sales have more than doubled as a result of the PR she has generated for me. I cant recommend using Flying Fox Marketing highly enough. Thanks Gen!” Kath Essing, Integrated Heart


“Absolutely loving working with Gen. With her advice, I’ve doubled my mailing list in less than a month, I got my ebook published in numerous print media and the opportunities just keep coming. Can’t recommend Flying Fox Marketing enough – really looking forward to continuing my work with Gen.” Kate Toholka,


“Gen from Flying Fox Marketing has provided us with fantastic advice and training on all things social media, content, marketing and brand identity. Her simple but thorough “cheat sheets” have meant that I will always have the information at my fingertips to write a great press release, get great attention on social media platforms such as Pinterest and Facebook. These little nuggets of gold have helped to increase our Facebook followers from 300 to 1300 in a couple of months and tripled the size of our mailing list. Most importantly for me, Gen has helped my to trust in my own voice when writing such things as blog articles, Facebook posts and media releases. Looking forward to our next session on fine tuning our target market!” Alison Collins, Bombora Custom Furniture 


“Genevieve and I have worked together for a diverse range of client including The Falls Festival, The Gordon Tafe, Corporate Events and small business projects. I always enjoy our engagement and Gen is a pleasure to work with, always friendly and easy going counterbalanced with her professionalism and sound knowledge in her industry. I recently engaged her to work with me on my business to help me find a voice for my marketing collateral and so far I am getting such positive feedback. I look forward to working with Gen well into the future.” Ferne Millen, Ferne Millen Photography


“Genevieve has a great passion for all things digital and was a fantastic asset to The Gordon Marketing Team. She managed the redevelopment of The Gordon’s website (a mammoth task) and single-handedly brought the Institute into the social media sphere. She is highly creative and has a great eye for what is required to build engagement online – from a visual and functional perspective. She has a great understanding of the various digital platforms and tools and how they work together to create a holistic digital strategy.” Raelene Woods, Marketing Manager, The Gordon 


“As a leader in the field of digital marketing, Genevieve lives and breathes social media from dusk until dawn. She has the ability to engage every client to ensure they understand and are getting the best out of their digital marketing activities. This skill made her exceptional in her dealings with a range of teaching areas at The Gordon. If you are looking for a digital marketer who has a grass roots knowledge of her field, excellent relationship skills and creates actions that will improve your bottom line, Genevieve is your girl!” Trudi Hollis, Director of Marketing Directions 


“Genevieve has been a great asset to the work recently produced by Insight Communications, particularly in the areas of digital marketing strategy, building marketing reports, graphs, market research, survey set-up, etc. She is a breath of fresh air to work with and her enthusiasm for all projects she tackles ensures they are completed with creativity and flair.” Rachel Donovan, Tourism & Community Development Consultant, Insight Communications