Let’s take a look at what your marketing needs are.

In our initial consultation, we will take a Satellite view of where your business is at, and where you want it to go.

Flying Fox Marketing can then provide the ‘how’.

Take a look at our six package options.

Package 1: The Brand Pyramid.

The brand pyramid process simply clarifies the important aspects of your business identity. This clarity helps in developing marketing strategies that are aligned with the essence of your brand.It is is a neat and very effective process to kick your business into gear, and ensure your marketing activities and results complement your objectives and goals.

Package 2: Get Your Kit On.

The ‘Get Your Kit On’ Package will provide you with an effective media kit, which will include your company profile, a media schedule, the know-how on producing your own press releases, and building relationships to capture the attention of journalists, and cash-in on free editorial coverage.

Package 3: Your Brand Identity – beyond the brand pyramid.

Your business and your personal brand are interconnected, and they need to say “this is what I am, and this is what I’m trying to tell you”. If this is something you need clarity on, our ‘brand identity’ package can assist you in creating a logo and an identity that exemplifies what your business does, and exactly where you want it to go in the future.

Package 4: Gettin’ Digi Wit It.

In this brave new world of content marketing, online platforms and digital marketing acronyms (SEO, CPC, SEM, CPM, EDM, SM, GA, HTML…OMG!), we can offer a guiding hand, some clear instructions, a couple of cheat sheets (phew!) and kick-ass digital marketing strategies that enable you to become a digital marketing expert who can effectively MEASURE your own online success. You will become confident and clear on WHICH platforms you should be engaging with, HOW you utilise them to maximize your online community, WHY and how you measure these platforms and how they will equal more business for you. Simple.

Package 5: Marketing Orbit.

Flying Fox Marketing prides itself on taking a birds eye view on which marketing tools will create measurable, tangible results for your business. The Marketing Orbit allows Satellite to be your marketing team for 6 months. We identify your key target markets, review your competition, strategise on how you can be more effective, set your objectives, and then craft a plan that will save you time and help to launch or re launch your business to reach even greater heights.

We are with you the whole way – we’re on call as your marketing manager, your digital marketing expert, your publicist, your cocktail maker.

Package 6: Pick’n’Mix.

There is no ONE SIZE fits all… Even though each and every one of our packages are tailored to you and your business, you may feel like filling your shopping cart with some items from the ‘Brand Pyramid’ isle, and others from the ‘Getting’ DIGI Wit It’ isle, to create something that truly aligns with your businesses marketing needs.

In our initial one-hour free consultation, we can dissect your objectives and discuss how we will craft a bespoke package so that you can checkout with confidence and assurance that you’ve selected the right package for you (with no credit card damage!).


To get the low-down on these packages get in touch!